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The Arts District in Las Vegas – or 18b, as it is commonly known – is a special place, with streets and buildings covered in artistic designs and murals. The creative expression is spread across unique boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, breweries, and – of course – dispensaries.

Health for Life is a dispensary in the Las Vegas Arts District that is combining the beauty of art with the beauty of cannabis. Visitors of the Arts District have the perfect pit stop along their exploration of the full town museum of art. ( View Menu)

Stop in the Shop
When you stop into the dispensary to grab some cannabis products to enjoy during your journey through the Arts District, you can choose from a variety of products we offer. From strains to consumption methods, there is a lot to consider.

Strains and effects come down to what you’re seeking specifically, and personal preference – it’s best to discuss those options with your budtender. However, consumption methods can be tactical – making a day trip of viewing art simpler than ever.

A vape is an excellent, on-the-go, method of consumption. It’s quick, it’s discreet, and it’s nearly odorless. At Health for Life you can always get the house brands: Black Label or MPX. They offer excellent quality at the best prices. However, there are also many other brands of vapes to try such as Rove, Prospectors, VVG, Rythm, and Verano!

What’s easier than popping a snack into your mouth? Virtually nothing when it comes too consuming cannabis! You can get a variety of brands:

  • – Kalvara
  • – Wyld
  • – SIP
  • – Incredibles
  • – Many others!

Each brand makes some of the best edibles on the market, ranging from gummies to brownies to drinks!

Regardless of the decisions you end up making, it’s nearly certain that you will enjoy your visit to Health for Life and to the Las Vegas Arts District!  ( View our Deals )


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